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Calvinism in Europe 1540-1610 (Duke)

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Manchester University Press

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Calvinism was the most dynamic force behind the advancement of the Continental Reformation, as well as acting as a fundamental catalyst in the most serious political conflicts of the period: the French Wars of Religion and the Dutch Revolt.

Despite the significance of this vital and aggressive international movement, there has continued to be a lack of original documents in translation. This volume draws together a wide range of sources, many in print for the first time, and offers a vivid and original depiction of the social, political, cultural, and religious forces behind the spread of Calvinism. Accompanied by extensive introductory and explanatory material, the book will provide a thorough and lively introduction to a complex subject.

The selection of documents in this book is designed to cover the major countries where Calvinism established itself: France, The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, and England. Also the scope of the book reflects the variety of issues raised by the spread of the movement: Calvinism as a new religious movement, a subversive movement, a strong political force and the basis of an innovative political ideology. In particular the human element of Calvinism is highlighted by the documents, with use being made of diaries, correspondence, consistory minutes, continental histories, state papers and martyrologies. 

This book should be essential reading for all second and third year undergraduates studying the European Reformation and early modern European History in general. It will also be of interest to general readers interested in the development of European political and religious culture.


Alastair Duke is Senior Lecturer in History at Southampton University

Gillian Lewis is Tutor and Fellow in Modern History at St. Anne's College, Oxford

Andrew Pettegree is Lecturer in Modern History at St. Andrews University

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