Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism (Girardeau)

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It was said of the Hodges...that this book by Dr. Giradeau was the most convincing argument for Calvinism to be seen anywhere.

1. This professor...had something of the rapier like incisiveness of the literary craftsmanship befitting his French extraction; and something of the genuinely oratorical, pulsating with warmth of religious devotion.

2. Dr. Giradeau argues for a particular kind of Calvinism. It is the federal scheme, and presented with sufficient fullness to show how so many points of doctrine fit into this scheme - and only into this scheme: so in the main I should say against those anti-federalist protests being heard today.

3. There is the comparative aspect of the presentation. Dr. Giradeau argues against a particular kind of antithesis to his particular kind of Calvinism. He argues against Arminianism, and against a particular kind of Arminianism: Evangelical Arminianism, which has been claimed to be without certain of the disadvantages of the older Arminian system.