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Calvin and the Reformed Tradition: On the Work of Christ and the Order of Salvation (Muller)

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Richard Muller, a world-class scholar of the Reformation era, examines the relationship of Calvin's theology to the Reformed tradition, indicating Calvin's place in the tradition as one of several significant second-generational formulators. Muller argues that the Reformed tradition is a diverse and variegated movement not suitably described either as founded solely on the thought of John Calvin or as a reaction to or deviation from Calvin, thereby setting aside the old "Calvin and the Calvinists" approach in favor of a more integral and representative perspective. Muller offers historical corrective and nuance on topics of current interest in Reformed theology, such as limited atonement/universalism, union with Christ, and the order of salvation.

Table of Contents:

  1. From Reformation to Orthodoxy: The Reformed Tradition in the Early Modern Era
  2. Was Calvin a Calvinist?
  3. Calvin on Christ’s Satisfaction and Its Efficacy: The Issue of ‘Limited Atonement’
  4. A Tale of Two Wills? Calvin, Amyraut, and Du Moulin on Ezekiel 18:23
  5. Davenant and Du Moulin: Variant Approaches to Hypothetical Universalism
  6. The ‘Golden Chain’ and the Causality of Salvation: Beginnings of the Reformed Ordo Salutis
  7. Union with Christ and the Ordo Salutis: Reflections on Developments in Early Modern Reformed Thought
  8. Calvin, Beza, and the Later Reformed on Assurance of Salvation and the ‘Practical Syllogism’ 



"This forcefully written and persuasively argued book casts in relief the diversity and complexity of the Reformed tradition in the early modern period. With an astonishing grasp of a broad range of sources, Muller offers a challenging and illuminating examination of the tightly woven relations between theology and history. The analysis is penetrating and the arguments break new ground, all in conversation with generations of scholarship on Reformed thought. Essential reading." -- Bruce Gordon, Yale Divinity School

"Richard Muller has been the key player in the extensive revision of how the theology of Calvin and his contemporaries is understood to relate to that of the later Reformed tradition. Wide-ranging in scope, penetrating in argument, and breathtaking in scholarship, these essays are representative of Muller at his very best." -- Carl R. Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary

"In this impressive book, Muller gives a clarion call for scholars to awaken from their dogmatic slumbers when approaching the early Reformed tradition and Reformed orthodoxy on the application of Christ's work, union with Christ, and the order of salvation. Full of nuance and fresh historical insight that cuts through muddy thinking, this is an indispensable resource." -- J. Todd Billings, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan