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Bible Study: A Student's Guide (Nielson)

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Have you ever been to a “Bible study” that didn’t have much “Bible” or “study” at all? Without a proper understanding of how to do it, students can be disappointed or scared away from studying the Bible. So what is Bible study—and can it work for high schoolers?

No stranger to teaching the Bible to teenagers, Jon Nielson confirms that real, meaningful Bible study is not only possible for students, but important. He takes students seriously and expects them to take their faith seriously. Unpacking five truths about the Bible—that it is God speaking, is powerful, is understandable, is literary, and is one story—he demonstrates how the Bible should be studied and how teenagers themselves can lead that study.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Bible Is God Speaking
  2. The Bible Is Powerful
  3. The Bible Is Understandable
  4. The Bible Is a Literary Work
  5. Exploring Biblical Genres
  6. The Bible Is One Story
  7. Studying the Bible as One Story
  8. So...What Is Bible Study?
  9. Barriers to Bible Study for Young People
  10. Aids and Approaches to Bible Study
  11. Leading Together
  12. A Call to Young People



Jon Nielson has served as pastoral resident at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and has worked in youth and sports ministry there. He has also worked as director of training for the Charles Simeon Trust, an organization that provides training in biblical exposition. He is currently college pastor at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois.



"There could scarcely be a more winsome, convincing, and helpful book than this for calling and aiding student ministries to center upon God’s Word. . . . Youth ministers and those who work with students will be profoundly instructed on what the Bible is, how it works, and how to teach it. And more, they will learn from a youth pastor who has done it and continues to do it amid the swirling idioms of popular culture." — R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois

"Bible Study is a must read for the next generation looking to make a difference for God. With tools to read and understand God’s Word, Jon Nielson ultimately trains us for usefulness in God’s world. This book is clear, accessible, and written by a leader with a passion for gospel growth. So get it, read it, and then go for it."  — David Helm, Pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago; Executive Director of Charles Simeon Trust

"Jon Nielson rightly believes that even students are able to understand Scripture at the highest level. This volume is an engaging expression of that belief, helpful for Christian young people as well as those who lead them." —Randall J. Gruendyke, Campus Pastor at Taylor University

"Imagine this: teenagers getting excited about hearing God speak through his Word. Add to that those same young people learning how to read and study God’s Word better, with a growing understanding of such things as biblical theology and genre and how to lead a small group. If you’re excited about this prospect, read this book. You will not be disappointed!" — Jenny Salt, Dean of Students at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Sydney, Australia

"Jon Nielson has put together a compelling and clear guide to embedding Bible study in youth group ministries." —Josh Moody, Senior Pastor of College Church in Wheaton