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And Then He Knew Her: A Biblical View of Sex (Reynolds)

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Do we really need a book about sex? In a world seemingly obsessed, should this be a subject that stays 'in the bedroom'? Adrian and Celia Reynolds explore what the Bible teaches about sex. What is sex for? Why is it important? And why does it belong in marriage? Taking on board these simple truths and applying these realities to your own life will ensure that your view of sex is no more and no less than God intends.


Adrian Reynolds is Director of Ministry of the Proclamation Trust and also serves as associate minister at East London Tabernacle Baptist Church, London

Celia Reynolds tutors students for the Cornhill Training Course, serves in the church and also works locally as a Community Parent. Along with husband Adrian they run conferences for and work with married couples.


A great introduction for those who don't know what God has to say about His good gift. And a profitable reminder for those who have already searched the Scriptures.

Robin & Ursula Weekes, Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon


Adrian and Celia take us back to God's Word and explore how sex is described in the Bible. By doing so they open our eyes to profound truths; as husband and wife experience the close oneness of sexual intimacy they not only point towards a greater truth (Christ and the church) but they also learn and discover something of the very nature of God himself...This excellent short book will enrich any marriage.

Greg & Harriet Strain, Spicer Street Church, St Albans couple will read this without benefit, and every Christian should rejoice in the deeper, richer, more joyful and long lasting the Bible's view on the matter is than that offered by the world! A brilliant little book and a healthy corrective!

Wallace & Lindsay Benn, Retired from Church of England ministry