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??, ??? ??? ?? (An Honest, Well Experienced Heart) (Embry)

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정직, 잘 숙련 된 심장 "삶과 청교도 설교자 및 저자 존 Flavel의 글 (1627에서 1691 사이) 우리를 소개합니다. 그의 짧은, 소개 전기에서, 아담 엠브리는 Flavel의 배경, 사역, 그리고 Flavel를 들어, 심장, 유지의 신학에 대해 설명 "그리스도인의 삶의 위대한 사업이다."수세기 전, Flavel은 다른 모든 연구 위의 "썼다 세상은, 자신의 마음을 연구한다. "엠브리이 전용 청교도 목사의 경건을 우리에게 익히 우리가 유지하고 우리의 마음을 관리하는이 위대한 사업의 중요성을 볼 수 있도록 도와 Flavel의 글에서 마흔두 짧은 통로를 통해 우리를 안내합니다.

An Honest, Well-Experienced Heart” introduces us to the life and writings of Puritan preacher and author John Flavel (1627–1691). In his brief, introductory biography, Adam Embry discusses Flavel’s background, ministry, and theology of keeping the heart, which, for Flavel, “is the great business of a Christian’s life.” Centuries ago, Flavel wrote, “Above all other studies in the world, study your own hearts.” Embry guides us through forty-two short passages from Flavel’s writings that acquaint us with this dedicated Puritan minister’s piety and help us see the importance of this great business of keeping and managing our hearts. 


Adam Embry lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Charlotte, and their three children. He is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been an assistant pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church since 2007.


“John Flavel blended skillfully a robust Reformed theology with a warm-hearted Puritan piety. This made his writings both profound and simple. I pray that Adam Embry’s primer on Flavel’s work will promote a new generation of thoughtful readers intent on loving Christ more.” — Ryan McGraw, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Conway, South Carolina