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An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience (Miller)

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On a visit to Graham and Flora Miller in Australia in 1999, Iain Murray made an exciting discovery which led to the present book – ‘bound volumes filled with my friend’s firm and distinctive handwriting, containing memorable quotations gleaned from leading authors’. A selection of these is presented here. As Iain Murray says in his Introduction, they give ‘a wonderful overview of the Christian faith to ponder and reflect on. I have found the contents humbling and inspiring.’

An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience is the result of Graham Miller’s lifelong practice of collecting and recording memorable quotations from leading authors. Now arranged alphabetically under subject headings, these sayings cover the entire range of Christian truth and experience. This is truly a store of priceless treasure, affording rich instruction and help to all Christians.

The power of a word fitly spoken has often been proved down through the centuries. Such choice statements of profound truth are like apples of gold in settings of silver, according to Solomon (Prov. 25:11). Some of the finest — from the most influential thinkers and writers of all the Christian centuries is now brought together in this volume.

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"An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience provides a wonderful overview of the Christian faith to ponder and reflect on. I have found the contents humbling and inspiring." - Iain Murray

"The patient collection of spiritual gold dust over lifetime of careful study makes this accumulation of truth a real and substantial treasury of spiritual wisdom. It is a book to prompt thoughtful and prayerful devotion, perhaps especially helpful for those who want something to stir their prayers or prompt fellowship, or for preachers looking to spice their sermons with appropriate quotations." - Jeremy Walker

"Among these many 'flakes of shining gold' is the following concerning salvation.  'There is nothing necessary for salvation which faith finds not in Christ' (John Calvin).  Then, under the heading ‘Antichrist’ Miller gives this quotation from Calvin: 'Roman antichrist invites us to himself, under the pretence of unity, and pronounces all to be schismatics who do not spontaneously submit to the yoke of his tyranny.'… Every Christian home should have a source of reference like this.  An excellent buy." - Rev. Kyle Paisley

"Preachers are often endeavouring to find the right quote explaining a certain point, or to set the scene for a whole sermon.  Here is another help along the way.  The best of authors are used, so you can be sure of sound material.  The most quoted is John Calvin, and some folk might criticise the book for an overabundance of Calvin.  Dare they?!" - Evangelical Presbyterian