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Aaron's Rod Blossoming; or The Divine Ordinance of Church Government Vindicated (Gillespie)

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Or, The Divine Ordinance of Church Government Vindicated;

So as the Present Erastian Controversy Concerning the Distinction of Civil and Ecclesiastical Government, Excommunication and Suspension, is Fully Debated and Discussed, from the Holy Scripture, from the Jewish and Christian Antiquities, from the Consent of Later Writers, from the True Nature and Right of Magistracy,

And; From the Groundlessness of the Chief Objections made Against the Presbyterial Government, in Point of a Domineering Arbitrary Unlimited Power.

George Gillespie has been regarded by many as the prince of Scottish theologians. The question addressed in Aaron’s Rod Blossoming, the proper nature and relationship of civil and ecclesiastical power, is one which is still with us today.

The book itself begins with a detailed discussion of government in ancient Israel. Since ancient Israel was designed by God as a patter to us in all things, Gillespie applies the principles in the second part of his work: “Of Christian Church Government”. The third part of the work treats of the specifies of excommunication and suspension from the Lord’s Supper against those who denied that the church has the power to exercise such discipline.


Book One: Of the Jewish Church Government

Book Two: Of the Christian Church Government

Book Three: Of Excommunication from the Church, and of Suspension from the Lord’s Table


George Gillespie (21 January 1613 – 17 December 1648) was a Scottish theologian.