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A Soul Framed in Christ: Stephen Charnock on the Renewal of God's Image (Bartoe)

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Foreword by:
Joel R. Beeke
Wipf and Stock Publishers
There is a particular pressing question that seems to permeate the whole of Charnock's works: "If the greatest or highest degree of excellence is found in this imitable perfection of God, this conformity to holiness, then what does this conformity look like in the soul that has been regenerated?" This book undertakes a detailed analysis of the various components of Charnock's doctrine of regeneration, more specifically, the continuity in his thought working out the reality that is contained within the highest degree of excellence that is found in the imitable perfection of God. Charnock brings the whole of that image of God renewed in the soul under the microscope of Scripture to reveal the details found in the conformity to that vital principle, holiness.

Frank L. Bartoe IV is an ordained Reformed Presbyterian minister. He is the author of Approaching a Heavenly Reality in a Temporal Realm: Robert Bruce’s Theology of the Sacrament (2019).



“Bartoe provides precisely the fuel that many Christians need in order to push forward in sanctification. Through reintroducing us to the thought of the great Puritan Stephen Charnock, Bartoe reminds us that growth in grace is nothing less than growing in our display of the ‘imitable perfections’ of God. Sanctification sharpens the image of God in his people and makes us more like him! I pray this will spur many forward in lives of God-honoring holiness.” — Stephen G. Myers, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Bartoe’s work is a thoroughly researched and beautifully illuminating study of a seventeenth-century Puritan divine’s concept of ‘continuity in conformity,’ . . . which might also be called sanctification . . . . Well versed not only in classic Puritan and Reformed sources but in the scholastic tradition running back through Suarez, Aquinas, and Augustine to Aristotle, Charnock is anything but narrow in scope, offering many reasons for ecumenical interest.” — Philip Blosser, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

“Puritan theologian Stephen Charnock is renowned for his profound exposition of theology proper: The Existence and Attributes of God. However, few have plumbed the depths of Charnock’s doctrine of the imago Dei and its renewal in fallen mankind. Frank Bartoe’s penetrating and erudite study is a welcome addition to the growing body of scholarly literature on Reformed orthodox thought.” — Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Bartoe draws out the brilliance of Charnock, who understood better than most a balance of head and heart as seen in the doctrine of regeneration. . . . Reading Bartoe’s work brought back wonderful memories of the amazing work of Stephen Charnock. I hope this work leads the reader to imbibe fully in Charnock’s writings. Enjoy!" — Larry Siekawitch, University of Northwestern