A Remedy for Wandering Thoughts in Worship (Steele)

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In this work on worship, Steele is at his best as a theologian of the heart, providing the reader with deep insight that does not require a scholar to interpret. Pay particular attention to the section where he shows how Satan will attempt to disrupt our concentration in worship by causing us to think about sermons when we ought to be praying, and by enticing us to pray when we ought to be listening to the sermon. 


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Text Explained - The Doctrine Proposed, and a Distraction Described

Chapter 2: The Kinds of Distraction

Chapter 3: That it is our Duty to Attend Upon the Lord Without Distraction, Proved

Chapter 4: Reasons why we Ought to Attend on the Lord Without Distraction

Chapter 5: Objections Answered

Chapter 6: The Causes of Distraction, With Their Remedies

Chapter 7: The Evil of Distraction

Chapter 8: The Cure of Distraction

Chapter 9: Encouragements Under the Burden of Distraction

Chapter 10: Inferences From This Doctrine