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Christian Doctrine 2 vol.

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William G. T. Shedd starts his monumental work by pointing out that one of the strongest defenses of Christian doctrine is found through examining how various theological concepts have come about and changed over time. This history is the story of how our understanding of God, ourselves, and the relationship between God and us has grown. 

This two volume set is an excellent work for those who want to examine the history of Christian doctrine over the ages and is a highly recommended purchase for all serious students.

Table of Contents: 



BOOK FIRST: Influence of Philosophical Systems upon the Construction of Christian Doctrine

BOOK SECOND: History of Apologies

BOOK THIRD: History of Theology (Trinitarianism) and Christology


BOOK FOUR: History of Anthropology

BOOK FIVE: History of Soteriology

BOOK SIX: History of Eschatology

BOOK SEVEN: History of Symbols (Confessions and Creeds)



W.G.T. Shedd (June 21, 1820 – November 17, 1894), son of the Reverend Marshall Shedd and Eliza Thayer, was an American Presbyterian Theologian born in Acton, Massachusetts.He was a leading 19th-century theologian in America.



"We hold that this is the most important contribution that has been made to our theological literature during the present age." - Presbyterian Standard

"In our judgment, no production of greater moment has been given to the public in a long time." - Princeton Review

"On its first appearance this work by Dr. Shedd was unanimously recognized as filling with remarkable success a blank that had existed in our English literature on this important subject, and it still holds the foremost place in works of this class." - Edinburgh Daily Review


"I have often refered to Shedd's 'History of Christian Doctrine' in preparation for class, for personal understanding of difficult issues, and for evangelical encouragement." - Dr. Tom J. Nettles

"History is theology lived out in good or contrary examples. The history of theological thought is a missing foundation in our a-historical age. This is the case in culture and in the church-at-large. Ideas have consequences. They have tangible effects and then become causes for a new generation as they generate more ideas. The importance of Shedd's work cannot be over-stated. Shedd will help sort out what is gold, what is good, and what is to be left behind." Dr. Mike Renihan