A Grief Sanctified: Through Sorrow to Eternal Hope (Packer)

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Their love story is not one of fairy tales. It is one of faithfulness from the beginning through to its tragic ending.

Richard and Margaret Baxter had been married only nineteen years before she died at age forty-five. A prominent pastor and prolific author, Baxter sought consolation and relief the only true way he knew- in Scripture with his discipline of writing. Within days he produced a lover's tribute to his mate and a pastor's celebration of God's grace. It is spiritual storytelling at its best, made all the more poignant by the author's unveiling of his grief.

J. I. Packer has added his own astute reflections along with his edited version of this exquisite memoir that considers six of life's realities-love, faith, death, grief, hope, and patience. He guides you in comparing and contrasting the world's and the Bible's ideals on coping with these tides of life. The powerful combination of Packer's insights and Baxter's grief gives you a beacon if you are searching for God, a pathfinder for your relationships, and a lifeline if you are grieving.

Including Richard Baxter's Timeless Memoir of His Wife's Life and Death. 


Table of Contents:

Part One: Great Gladness: Margaret with Richard

Part Two: Great Goodness: Richard Recalls Margaret

1. Of Her Parentage and the Occasion of Our Acquaintance

2. Of Her Conversion, Sickness, and Recovery

3. Of the Workings of Her Soul In and After This Sickness

4. Some Parcels of Counsel for Her Deliverance from This Distressed Case, Which I find Reserved by her for Her Use

5. Her Temper, Occasioning These Troubles of Mind

6. Of Our Marriage and Our Habitations

7. Of Her Exceeding Desires to Do Good

8. Of Her Mental Qualifications and Her Infirmites

9. Of Her Body Infirmities and Her Death

10. Some Sues Proposed to the Reader from This History, as the Reasons Why I Wrote It

Appendix: Two Poems from Poetical Fragements (1681)

Part Three: Great Sadness – Richard Without Margaret 



J. I. Packer (DPhil, Oxford University) serves as the Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College. He is the author of numerous books, including the classic best-seller Knowing God. Packer served as general editor for the English Standard Version Bible and as theological editor for the ESV Study Bible.