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A First Book of Christian Doctrine (Hylkema) (Westminster Discount)

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Westminster Discount

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Since its first appearance more than a generation ago, this little book by two ministers in the Christian Reformed Church has introduced thousands of young people to the major teachings of the Bible.

The publication of this revised edition is intended to help meet a continuing need expressed by Christian parents, pastors, and teachers for systematic instructional material explaining the great truths of the Christian religion.

Minor revisions have been introduced into the memory work, lessons, and discussion questions to make them easier, but the substance and plan of the material has not been altered. Frequent references to biblical texts and stories attest to the thorough scriptural foundation of this material.



Table of Contents:

  1. The True Religion
  2. Three Things the Bible Teaches Us
  3. How We Can Know Our Sinfulness
  4. The Law of God
  5. How Sin Came Into the World
  6. The Sad Results of Sin
  7. Christ Our Mediator
  8. All Who Believe are Saved
  9. What Christians Believe
  10. What the Bible Teaches About God
  11. God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth
  12. The Son of God, Our Savior
  13. The Names ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’
  14. Jesus’ Suffering and Death
  15. Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension
  16. Jesus in Heaven and with Us
  17. The Judge of the World
  18. The Holy Spirit
  19. The Church of Christ
  20. How Sinners Are Made Righteous
  21. God’s Spirit Teaches Us to Believe
  22. What Our Baptism Means
  23. What the Lord’s Supper Means
  24. Coming to the Lord’s Table
  25. The Gratitude of Our Hearts
  26. What It Means to Be Converted to God
  27. What It Means to Pray
  28. How Jesus Taught Us to Pray