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A Father's Promise (Hess)

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Journey Forth

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"[You are] either a German or a Christian; you cannot be both." 

Adolph Hitler's ominous statements seem only a distant threat to eleven-year-old Rudi Kaplan. But when the Nazi forces invade Poland and bomb his home city of Warsaw, Rudi finds out that he is Hitler's enemy not only because he is a Pole but also because he's a Jew and a Christian. 

The next few years change Rudi's life forever. With only his imprisoned father's promise that they will be reunited after the war, Rudi must learn how to survive in hiding, how to be truly brave, and how to overcome the hatred of his enemies. He must learn to die to himself and to trust the God who is mightier than any army. 


Table of Contents: 

1. The Trumpeter’s Song (Sept. 1939)

2. The Awakening (Sept. 1939)

3. Biltzkrieg! (Sept. 1939)

4. The First Lesson (Sept. 1939)

5. The Fall (Sept. 1939)

6. Jews Out! (Oct. 1939)

7. A Secret Plan (Oct. 1939)

8. Trapped! (Nov. 1939)

9. The Reign of Terror (Nov. 1939)

10. The Humiliation (Nov. 1939) 

11. The Celebration (Nov. 1939)

12. The Hostages (Nov. 1939)

13. The Homecoming (Nov. 1939)

14. The Sacrifice (Nov. 1939)

15. The Secret Place (Nov. 1939)

16. The Chase (Nov. 1939)

17. Night Raiders (Nov. 1939)

18. Another Good-bye (Dec. 1939)

19. Christmas Memories (Dec. 1939)

20. A Christmas Treasure (Dec. 1939)

21. A Narrow Escape (Jan. 1940)

22. A Refuge (May 1943)

23. Josef’s Return (May 1944)

24. A Hard Decision (May 1944)

26. Return to Warsaw (Mar. 1945)

27. The Coming of Morning (Mar. 1945)