A Display of Arminianism (Owen)

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Of the seventeenth-century Puritans, John Owen was by far the most influential. His defenses of the Reformed faith were so articulate and precise that they stand unrefuted even to this day. In this book, Owen meticulously exposes from the Scriptures the heresy of Arminianism, or Semi-Pelagianism, and shows that its doctrine of free will stands opposed to the biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God.


Table of Contents:

  1. Of the two main ends aimed at by the Arminians, by their innovations in the received doctrine of the reformed churches
  2. Of the eternity and immutability of the decrees of Almighty God, denied and overthrown by the Arminians
  3. Of the prescience or foreknowledge of God, and how it is questioned and overthrown by the Arminians
  4. Of the providence of God in governing the world diversely, thrust from this pre-eminence by the Arminian idol of free-will
  5. Whether the will and purpose of God may be resisted, and he be frustrate of his intentions
  6. How the whole doctrine of predestination is corrupted by the Arminians
  7. Of original sin and the corruption of nature
  8. Of the state of Adam before the fall, or of original righteousness
  9. Of the death of Christ, and of the efficacy of his merits
  10. Of the cause of faith, grace, and righteousness
  11. Whether salvation may be attained without the knowledge of, or faith in, Christ Jesus
  12. Of free-will, the nature and power thereof
  13. Of the power of free-will in preparing us for our conversion unto God
  14. Of our conversion to God 



John Owen (1616–1683), amongst the best known of the Puritans, was an English Puritan who served as vice-chancellor of Oxford University and pastor of congregations in Coggeshall and London. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day.