A Discourse Concerning Love (Vincent)

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This book includes seven chapters on the importance of love among Christians in the church. The subjects addressed include how the church is to edify itself by love, the properties of love, and how there is no excuse for lack of love in the church. Vincent describes the properties of love in detail. Love must flow from a pure heart and from faith.

Table of Contents: 

1. The Church is Like a Body 

2. The Body of Christ Is Imperfect 

3. The Body of Christ Should Diligently Endeavor to Edify Itself 

4. Love Is for the Church’s Edification 

5. The Properties of Love 

6. How Love Is for the Church’s Edification 

7. The Vanity of Excuses for the Want of Love 

Verses and Poems 



Nathaniel Vincent was the son of a minster, John Vincent, and the brother of Thomas Vincent. He was born in 1644. A child prodigy who memorized and repeated sermons at the age of 7, he was admitted to the university at age 11 and received his Master's Degree at 18. A lecturer before 20, he was ordained at 21. Ejected in 1662 by the Act of Uniformity, he came to London soon after the Great Fire in 1662 and began to preach to large crowds there. His popularity among the people was not shared by the government.

At a meeting house in Southwark, soldiers with muskets surrounded his pulpit and, when he would not stop preaching, pulled him out of the pulpit by his hair, dragging him through the streets. He was imprisoned several times for preaching the gospel. He died June 21, 1697 at the age of 53, and was buried in the nonconformists' burial ground at Bunhill Fields.