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The New Answers Book 2 (Ham)

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Ken Ham and his team of experts are back with more answers to questions about creation, evolution, the Bible and much more! Averaging about ten pages each, these articles are informative, concise, and written to inform even the young with biblical exegesis of highly contested parts of scripture. If you ever wondered if evolution was a religion, why the Scopes "Monkey" trial is significant or if creationists can be 'real' scientists, this book is for you.

Along with Ken Ham, many other creationist researchers, writers and doctorate-level scholars and teachers add to this varied and diverse book, but every article supports a creationist, common-sense reading of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Dr. Jason Lisle, Carl Kerby, Dr. Terry Mortenson and Stacia McKeever are just a few of the contributors lending their talents to this compendium of biblical truth, a testimony to a great Creator God and a guide to rightly dividing the Word of truth.


Table of Contents:

Introduction: The ‘Evolutionizing’ of a Culture – Carl Kerby & Ken Ham

  1. Can Natural Processes Explain the Origin of Life? – Mike Riddle
  2. Are Mutations Part of the ‘Engine’ of Evolution? – Bodie Hodge
  3. Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures? – Dr. David Menton
  4. Does the Bible Say Anything about Astronomy? – Dr. Jason Lisle
  5. Does the Big Bang Fit with the Bible? – Dr. Jason Lisle
  6. Where Did the Idea of ‘Millions of Years’ Come From? – Dr. Terry Mortenson
  7. What’s Wrong with Progressive Creation? – Ken Ham & Dr. Terry Mortenson
  8. Is the Intelligent Design Movement Christian? – Dr. Georgia Purdom
  9. Can Creationists Be ‘Real’ Scientists? – Dr. Jason Lisle
  10. How Should a Christian Respond to ‘Gay Marriage’? – Ken Ham
  11. What’s the Best ‘Proof’ of Creation? – Ken Ham
  12. What Is a Biblical Worldview? – Stacia McKeever
  13. Did People like Adam and Noah Really Live Over 900 Years of Age? – Dr. David Menton & Dr. Georgia Purdom
  14. Are Biblical Creationists Divisive? – Bodie Hodge
  15. Why 66? – Brian H. Edwards
  16. What Was the Christmas Star? – Dr. Jason Lisle
  17. Is Jesus God? – Dr. Ron Rhodes
  18. Are There Gaps in the Genesis Genealogies? – Larry Pierce & Ken Ham
  19. How Old Is the Earth? – Bdoie Hodge
  20. Information: Evidence for a Creator? – Mike Riddle
  21. Is Evolution a Religion? – Dr. Tomy Mitchell & Dr. A.J. Monty White
  22. Is the Bible Enough? – Paul Taylor
  23. Aren’t Millions of Years Required for Geological Processes? – Dr. John Whitmore
  24. Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove That the Bible Is Unreliable? – Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell
  25. What about Satan and the Origin of Evil? – Bodie Hodge
  26. Why Is the Scopes Trial Significant? – Ken Ham & Dr. David Menton
  27. Isn’t the Bible Full of Contradictions? – Paul F. Taylor
  28. Was the Dispersion at Babel a Real Event? – Bodie Hodge
  29. When Does Life Begin? – Dr. Tommy Mitchell
  30. Do Creationists Believe in ‘Weird’ Physics like Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory? – Dr. Danny Faulkner
  31. Doesn’t the Order of Fossils in the Rock Record Favor Long Ages? – Dr. Andrew Snelling

Conclusion: The Biggest Question of All – Dr. David R. Crandall     



Ken Ham is the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis - U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.