The Dark Side of Charles Darwin: A Critical Analysis of an Icon of Science (Bergman)

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A single man stands behind the greatest deception in history. Charles Darwin?s ideas still penetrate every aspect of our culture, including science, religion, and education. And while much has been made of his contribution to the evolutionary hypothesis, little has been publicized about the dark side of the man himself and how this may have impacted the quality and legitimacy of his research.

This daring and compelling book takes its readers behind the popular fa?ade of a man revered worldwide as a scientific pioneer, and unveils what kind of person Darwin really was. The book reveals disturbing facts that will help you:

  • Perceive Darwin firsthand through the eyes of family and friends, and his own correspondence
  • Discern this darkly troubled man, struggling with physical and mental health issues
  • Uncover his views on eugenics and racism, and his belief that women were less evolved than men

Thoroughly documented, this book reveals Darwin?s less-than-above board methods of attempting to prove his so-called scientific beliefs, and his plot to ?murder God? by challenging the then-dominant biblical worldview.



Table of Contents:

Part One: Darwin and Christianity

1. How Darwin Overthrew Creationism Among the Intellectual Establishment

2. Why Darwinism Demands Atheism

3. Darwin’s Religious Views

4. Darwin’s Religion of Purposelessness

Part Two: Darwin and Mental Health

5. Was Darwin Psychotic?: A Study of His Mental Health

6. Were Darwin’s Mental Health Problems Due to His Conflicts with Theism?

7. Darwin’s Passion for Hunting and Killing

Part Three: Darwin and His Theory

8. Did Darwin Plagiarize His Evolution Theory?

9. Darwin’s Faulty Scholarship – a Review

10. Pangenesis: Darwin’s Now Disproved Theory

Part Four: Darwin, Racism, and Sexism

11. Was Darwin a Racist?

12. Darwin Inspires Eugenics

13. Darwin’s View of Women

14. Darwin Was Wrong: Natural Selection Cannot Explain Macro-Evolution 



Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at the college level for over 30 years. He has 9 degrees, including 7 graduate degrees, and has authored over 800 publications.