Matthew, Vol. 1: Chapters 1-13 - A Mentor Expository Commentary (Chamblin)

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Matthew's Gospel is the first document in the New Testament - a suitable location considering some scholars' opinions (for example, Theodor Zahn and Ernest Renan) that it is the pre-eminent piece of literature in antiquity.

What sort of book is it? Who is its author, and why did he write it? What historical, literary and theological contexts influence it? Matthew's Gospel also tells a story of Jesus, the son of David the son of Abraham - accordingly it gives attention to characters, plot lines, conflicts and resolution - but the extra dimension is that it also has an effect upon its reader to direct them to the Saviour of the world.


Table of Contents:

Section 1: Approaching the Gospel According to Matthew

1. The Story

2. The Apostle

3. The Scribe

4. The Evangelist

5. The Theologian

6. The Teacher

Section 2: O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Matt. 1:1-25)

1. Late in Time Behold Him Come (1:1-17)

2. Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim (1:18-25)

Section 3: By Prophet Bards Foretold (2:1-23) 

1. Once in Royal David’s City (2:1-12)

2. Then Warning Came of Danger Near (2:13-23)

Section 4: Make Straight, Make Straight, the Highway of the King (3:1-17)

1. Herald of Christ, who Bears the King’s Command (3:1-12)

2. God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity (3:13-17)

Section 5: The Savior of the World is here (4:1-25) 

1. The Son of God Goes Forth to War (4:1-11)

2. Joy to the Lands that in Darkness Have Lain (4:12-25)

Section 6: Go Tell it on the Mountain (5:1-7:29)

1. Teach me Thy Way, O Lord (5:1-2)

2. Come, ye Sinners, Poor and Needy (5:3-12)

3. We ae God’s people (5:13-16)

4. The law of God is Good and Wise (5:17-48) 

5. Let us Love our God Supremely (6:1-18)

6. Children of the Heavenly Father (6:19-34)

7. All I Design or Do or Say (7:1-12)

8. Confirm our Will to do the Right (7:13-29)

Section 7: All Authority and Power (8:1-9:38)

1. O Christ, the Healer (8:1-17)

2. Our God is Sovereign (8:18-34)

3. Jesus! What a Friend For Sinners! (9:1-17)

4. Where People Suffer, Hopeless in Distress (9:18-38)

Section 8: Publish Glad Tidings (10:1-42) 

1. So I Send You (10:1-15)

2. And Shall I Fear to own His Cause? (10:16-42)

Section 9: Who is on the Lord’s Side? (11:1-12:50)

1. Hail to the Lord’s Anointed (11:1-15)

2. And None the Longed-For Christ Would Know (11:16-24)

3. Join All the Glorious Names (11:25-12:21)

4. And Heed not His Mercies? (12:22-50)

Section 10: My People, Give Ear, Attend to my Word (13:1-58) 

1. In Parables New (13:1-2)

2. Like Seed into the Ground (13:3-23)

3. The Heav’nly Kingdom Comes (13:24-58)



Knox Chamblin was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1971. He did graduate work at Cambridge University, and received his Th.D. from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia in 1977. He taught for thirty-four years in Jackson, Mississippi, first at Belhaven College, then at Reformed Theological Seminary until retirement in 2001. He is author of Paul & the Self: Apostolic Teaching for Personal Wholeness(1993). He and his wife Ginger have two daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren.



"This thoughtful and thorough commentary on the First Gospel comes from a scholar who has obviously spent many years at the feet of Matthew the teacher, and even more importantly, at the feet of the One to whom Matthew bears witness."Jonathan T. Pennington, Assistant Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"What, you might say, am I to do with 2 volumes and 1,400 pages on Matthew? Well, what should you do if given two million pounds? Spend it, of course--but not all at once. So with Chamblin's Matthew. Preach an Advent series--and use Chamblin on chapters 1-2; then preach from the Old Testament and come back to the Sermon on the Mount--and use Chamblin on chapters 5-7; then map out a series on Matthew's passion narrative--and use Chamblin on chapters 26-28. I'm not a hypocrite--I'm using him on Matthew 13 even as I write this!" -Dale Ralph Davis, Well respected author and Bible expositor