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Johannic Baptism (Dale)

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An inquiry into the meaning of baptizo in the Holy Scriptures and Patristic writings.

In the 19th century, Dr. James W. Dale, a Presbyterian minister, embarked on a scholarly project that proved to be the most exhaustive study ever undertaken on the word 'baptism.' Aiming at a contextual understanding of the work, Dr. Dale meticulously examined its use in a wide range of historical documents, and his analysis is a masterpiece of lexicographical scholarship.



"In terms of comprehensiveness as well as irenic temper in discussion, Dale's work is a model of thorough and patient research. Both the church historian and the lexicographer will be grateful for this cholarly work. Dr. Countess is to be commended for overseeing the reprinting of this classic investigation concerning the usage of the Greek word meaning 'baptize.'" — Bruce M. Metzger, Professor of New Testament, Emeritus Princeton Theological Seminary

"Serious Bible students welcome the reprint of Dr. Dale's five volumes on baptism. This third volume will give contemporary New Testament scholars new an fertile ground for soil turning and cultivating. A careful, openminded study, Johannic Baptism will inform and enlighten all readers." — Arvid K. McGuire, M.A., Minister Church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama

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