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7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind (Selvaggio)

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Product Description

Unfortunately, Christians often live their lives unaware that they are adopting non-Christian ideas, because they are too busy focusing on behavior in the first place. Worldliness is too often equated with what we say and do, rather than the battle of our hearts and minds that it truly is. And when Christians are too concerned and distracted by behavior on the outside, it is easy for worldliness to slip into our minds and take hold. This book examines seven particularly toxic non-Christian ideas that cripple the modern Christian mind, exploring each idea clearly and understandably. Discussion questions are included to help you pinpoint these toxic ideas in your own thinking - and deal with them.


Table of Contents:

  1.  Ideas to Idolatry: Ideas Have Consequences
  2. Technopoly: The Ipod Nation
  3. Neophilia: ‘History Is Bunk’
  4. Egalitarianism: ‘We’re All in Charge’
  5. Individualism: ‘Every Man Is an Island
  6. Materialism: All that Matters is Matter
  7. Consumerism: ‘Shop Till You Drop’
  8. Relativism: ‘What Is Truth?’



Anthony T Selvaggio (J.D. The University of Buffalo School of Law; M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) currently serves as a visiting professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also Theologian in Residence at the Rochester Reformed Presbyterian Church in Rochester



"We have a [hard] time spotting the seven modern idolatries that Anthony Selvaggio outlines for us...[but] 7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind helps us to spot those current tendencies and, with God's grace, contain them." - Marvin Olasky, Editor-in-chief, WORLD Magazine 

“Worldliness infects us deeper than our clothing or music. It seeks to inhabit our perceptions and desires. Indeed it starts in the heart. Anthony Selvaggio puts his finger on the pulse of a worldly age, and his diagnosis reveals the crippling idolatry of our heart in such reigning ideas as individualism, consumerism, relativism, obsession with the new, and contempt for the past. Like a good doctrine, Selvaggio does not rail at us about our illness; he aims to heal and so offers solutions in Christ. Whether you are a teenager, a mother, a businessman, or a pastor, this book will bring health to your soul and equip you to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. – Joel R. Beeke 

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