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2 Discourses on the Common Objections to the Doctrine of Election (Boardman)

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Calvary Press Publishing

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In the day and age we are living in, the subject of election in many church circles stirs up much controversy. Indeed, it is loathed by many, or it is explained in a way that puts human will into the mix. There are, as it were, a “garden variety” of objections to this doctrine that one could raise.

This book addresses the most common, and does so in a way that is both gracious, yet powerful. This work originally appeared in 1849, but is just as fresh and relevant today as it was back then; and the same objections that were raised back then, are still being raised in a host of Evangelical churches today.

Two Discourses is a tonic for our age; an age where the “free will” of men and women is exalted above the absolute sovereignty of God. Drink deep from the truth of this little book.