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The Westminster Standards (CD-ROM)

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Old Paths Gospel Press

Limited Availability

For those of you who have an interest in Computer replicated Christian literature for reading or simply archival purposes, this Facsimile of the Westminster Standards has been captured on a CD-Rom. This is not an Ascii text based storing of data. Rather, it will have the actual appearance of the original edition, just like the hard bound edition. In fact, it will read just like a book. It comes in a plastic jewel case and has a picture of the Westminster Assembly as a cover.

As this year marks the 350th anniversary of the Westminster Larger Catechism, this Special Limited Collectors first edition of the Larger Catechism, Shorter Catechism and the Confession of Faith "With the Proofs thereof out of the Scriptures" in one binding is now available for the first time. YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS NOR ARE YOU LIKELY TO OBTAIN AN ORIGINAL!! Only 600 copies were printed in 1648, and on the antiquarian book market, an actual copy could cost as much as $3,500. There is a handwritten note found inside the book by S. W. Carruthers who states that "[t]his is Warfield's Edition Three, the first with proofs. It is precisely the same as British Museum E.516(3) and National Library of Scotland 578. No.4." This particular copy has an interesting history (which you can only find out by buying a copy from Old Paths). The Assembly also appended to this collection, the first 15 of the Thirty nine Articles of the Church of ENGLAND, of which they were mandated to review, and A DIRECTORY for The Publique VVorship of GOD. - (This is a description of the Hardcover version)