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An Antidote Against Discord Between Man and Wife

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This book is a reprint of The Honourable State of Matrimony Made Comfortable Or An Antidote Against Discord Betwixt Man and Wife originally printed in 1685. It has been re-typeset with modern spellings. The author is unknown, but is commonly cited as D.B.

“I am confident there was never a Discourse of this nature in this method; none adventuring to deal so particularly and fully with such passionate Relations as he hath done. The great reason that it is so difficult to make up breaches between Men and their Wives is, because they are all averse to the acknowledging of their faultiness; every one conceits him or her self to be wronged. Therefore this Author hath endeavored to discover which of those Relations is most in fault when Discord doth arise between them, and that so the most faulty may be convinced thereof, and thereby influenced to a faithful endeavor of reformation. These Antidotes are not only proper to cure, but also to prevent Discord between such near Relations: So it will be of general use to all married persons. I could heartily wish that every professing Family had one of these little Books, there being in the Appendix laid down special directions for the right ordering of Family-concerns both in relation to Children and Servants, as a special means to preserve the peace of Families. O you Husbands and Wives that have felt the smart of your furious contentions, be willing to use the means to make your lives more comfortable. In this Book you will find helps by the blessing of God to enable you to take more complacence in each other, and to live more peaceably and lovingly together.” - Excerpt from “To The Reader”