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Lady Jane Grey: Nine Day Queen of England (Cook)

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Evangelical Press

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Product Description

Lady Jane Grey was manipulated into assuming the crown of England, only to be put to death by the Mary, the rival heir to the throne. In order to understand the full tragedy and triumph of her life, one must grasp the far reaching political and religious changes that were shaking England at that time. Faith Cook here assembles the puzzle pieces of Lady Jane Grey’s life and puts together a picture of an outstanding girl whose character and faith shone from the darkness that surrounded her. 


Table of Contents:

1. Born a Tudor

2. Lady Jane’s Early Years

3. Introduced to Court

4. The Shadow of Death

5. Up for Sale

6. Plots…Plots…Plots

7. Political and Religious Upheaval – 1549-52

8. ‘That Noble and Worthy Lady’

9. Edward and Jane – in Strength and Weakness

10. Edward’s ‘Devise’

11. Reluctant Queen

12. A Counterclaim

13. Defenceless and Alone

14. A Prisoner of the Crown

15. A Fatal Rebellion

16. ‘I Have Kept the Faith’

17. A Crown of Righteousness

18. The Years that Followed – a Brief Overview

Appendix 1: Interview with John Feckenham

Appendix 2: Lady Jane’s Letter to Her Sister and Her Recorded Prayer

Appendix 3: A Family Tree and Connections  



Faith Cook, daughter of Stanley and Norah Rowe, missionaries of the China Inland Mission (now OMF), was born in north-west China. After missionaries were evicted from the country in 1951, she returned to the UK and attended Clarendon School in North Wales before proceeding to teacher training college in Bromley, Kent. She married Paul Cook in 1961, and they served several evangelical churches in the Midlands and Yorkshire before his retirement. They have a daughter, four sons and ten grandchildren, and now live in Breaston, Derbyshire.



"The story of Lady Grey's life and her death by execution is one of tragedy and triumph which should be better known. Jane deserved more favor than she received in her day; this book will help people to honor her." - Evangelical Times

"This book is well worth reading. It provides more than facts. It gives an account of a teenager living in the midst of fiery trials." - The Chalcedon Foundation

"Faith Cook writes in a very readable manner. Here is a sympathetic but realistic treatment of Lady Jane, coupled with a helpful study of this vital period of history." - Mignon Goswell, Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne



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