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Holy Communion in the Piety of the Reformed Church (Old)

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All across the United States, Protestant churches have forgotten their sacramental roots. The Lord's Supper has often been reduced to an empty memorial if it is even celebrated at all, and the contemporary Protestant church suffers greatly from this lapse. 

In Holy Communion in the Piety of the Reformed Church, Hughes Oliphant Old uncovers the central importance of Holy Communion in the Reformed tradition. Beginning with Calvin and moving into modern times, Old pinpoints and explains the most pivotal developments in Reformed Eucharistic theology - from the true nature of the communion elements to preparatory services and seasons. Along the way, he shows that our doctrine of the Lord's Supper is not merely an intellectual exercise; it has profound influence on the church's life and operations - on her piety. 

This volume is both a scholarly exploration of Reformed tradition and a pastoral call to the contemporary church to rediscover the most potent truths and edifying practices of our Christian forefathers. In our day of debilitating liturgical innovations, Holy Communion proves yet again that God's truth on any subject is timeless and evergreen. Before we can display Christ fully in our day, we must recover a full commitment to biblical worship - in the Word preached as well as the Word made visible in the Lord's Supper. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Calvin’s Communion Liturgy
  2. Calvin on Communion: The Covenantal and Sacramental Dimensions
  3. Calvin on Communion: The Wisdom Dimension
  4. Calvin on Communion: The Pneumatic and Evangelistic Dimensions
  5. Calvin on Communion: The Eucharistic and Eschatological Dimensions
  6. Holy Communion in The Reformed Church of England
  7. John Knox and the Scottish Tradition
  8. Ursinus, Bullinger, and the Second Generation
  9. The Roots of English Puritanism
  10. The Puritans at Westminster
  11. The Age of Protestant Orthodoxy
  12. Matthew Henry
  13. Communion Seasons in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
  14. The Erskine Brothers and the Covenanter Tradition
  15. Dutch Pietism
  16. The Great Awakening and Jonathan Edwards
  17. The Great Awakening: Other Voices
  18. New School Congregationalism
  19. Old School Presbyterianism
  20. The Age of Romanticism
  21. Victorian Evangelicalism
  22. Henry van Dyke and the Book of Common Worship
  23. Jean-Jacques Von Allmen and the Ecumenical Approach


Hughes Oliphant Old is John H. Leith Professor of Reformed Theology and Worship at Erskine Theological Seminary and dean of Erskine's Institute For Reformed Worship.


Jon D. Payne is Senior Minister of Christ Church Presbyterian in Charleston, South Carolina. 


"Here we have an encyclopedic resource on the doctrine of the Lord’s Supper, penned by a renowned teacher of the history of Reformed worship. It is a feast of theology and ecclesiology. May God use this book, which is sure to become an authoritative text for generations to come, to inform students of history and bring Christians back to their sacramental roots in the Reformed and Puritan tradition." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"No finer scholar on Reformed Worship exists than Dr. Old. This treatment of the Supper—its theology and liturgy—is heaven-sent. Thorough, masterfully incisive, pastorally sensitive—all the hallmarks of a great book on a vastly important issue." - Derek W. H. Thomas, Professor of Theology, RTS Atlanta, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, Editorial Director, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

"All of us who cherish Reformed worship have gladly sat at the feet of Dr. Old. We have drunk deeply from his wells of knowledge, the depth of which, we suspect, exceeds that of all the rest of us combined. Our indebtedness to him is profound. He has opened avenues of study that were unknown a generation ago. He has taken us to the biblical and patristic roots of Reformed ministry and worship, and armed us against both the high and low church claims. Dr. Old has played a major role in renewing the practices of lectio continua reading and preaching of Scripture, of classical hymnody and metrical psalmody, of the “full diet” of scriptural prayer, and of the administration of covenantal sacraments. This latest work, Holy Communion, will no doubt be the definitive work on the Reformed eucharist for generations to come." - Terry Johnson, Senior Minister, Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA

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