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Called to Serve: Essays for Elders and Deacons (Brown)

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"Rev. Brown garners the wisdom of experienced men whom God has called to serve His Church to address the many issues that face office bearers within the church today.

Included are chapters on The Nature and Qualifications for the Offices of Elder and Deacon; The Duties and Tasks of the Elder and Deacon; Why the Elder Needs to Know, Love and Defend, Reformed Doctrine; Our Reformed Heritage; What Our Worship Service Should Look Like; The Rules and Order of a Meeting; and Family Visitation.



Michael Horton, Nelson Kloosterman, Daniel Hyde, Robert Godfrey, Cornelis Venema, and others.



"It is vital that the elder or deacon be cultivated--as well as possible--in order that he might produce good fruit for the kingdom of God. This book is designed to be a means to that end. It is in no way the final word on the training of elders and deacons. Rather, it is a collection of essays from men who possess a great concern for Christ's church. While this volume is chiefly aimed at those Reformed churches that confess the Three Forms of Unity, especially in the federation of the United Reformed Churches of North America, much of it lends itself to use in other churches, particularly those who confess the Westminster Standards." - Michael Brown, editor, from the Preface


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