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A Visual History of the King James Bible: The Dramatic Story of the World's Best-Known Translation (Brake)

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Discover what has made the King James Version endure for four centuries

For 400 years the King James Version of the Holy Bible has been the most influential book to be published in the English language. Now Bible collector and expert Donald L. Brake brings to life the fascinating story of its creation and proliferation throughout the English-speaking world. With beautiful and informative photos, illustrations, charts, and sidebars, Brake invites you to explore the KJV's mysterious beginnings, the men who translated it, the manuscripts on which this translation was based, the important people and places that influenced its production, and even the possibility of Shakespeare's influence on it.



"Facts, historical background, wonderful photos, and personal experiences are woven together in this first-rate story of the King James Bible. Guaranteed to deepen your appreciation of the English Bible."--Charles C. Ryrie, editor, Ryrie Study Bible

"Here is a creative masterpiece from a reputable scholar, verifying God's Word to every human being. Pleasantly readable, it is an outstanding, authentic book to enrich every Christian's library."--Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Christian Education and Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

"No one is more knowledgeable about English Bible translation than Donald Brake."--Leland Ryken, professor of English, Wheaton College

"Donald Brake has shown, through meticulous research, engaging style, irenic tone, and exquisite illustrations, that this translation deserves a place on our shelves and in our hearts. I recommend A Visual History of the King James Bible to every English-speaking Christian because here you will discover a part of the rich tapestry of the Christian faith in which you find yourself today."--Daniel B. Wallace, executive director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

"On the 400th anniversary of the most famous of English Bible translations, Donald Brake has written an engaging account of the history of the King James Bible. Photos of many of the rare volumes from Brake's collection fill the pages of this beautifully illustrated book."--Diana Severance, director, Dunham Bible Museum


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