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A Christian's Pocket Guide to Sin: The Disease and Its Cure (Campbell)

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Product Description

The doctrine of sin is a dark doctrine. It takes us to the very core of our being, and to our radical departure from God. It speaks in negative terms. Its tones are shadowy, its notes deep. It is not a user-friendly doctrine. Our need is great; that is what the doctrine of sin is saying. 
But, there is an answer, and it is in Jesus Christ. A Christian's Pocket Guide to Sin maps out the nature of the disease which only God, by His grace in Jesus Christ, is able to heal.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Bible and Sin: Identifying the disease
  2. God and Sin: What the disease is doing in God’s world
  3. Man and Sin: How the disease affects the human experience
  4. The Cross and Sin: Is there a cure?
  5. The Christian and Sin: Applying the remedy while living with the disease
  6. Epilogue: What’s the Use of Sin?



Rev. Dr. Iain D. Campbell (1953-2017) was Pastor of the Free Church of Scotland in Point on the Isle of Lewis, where he was born. Prior to this, he also ministered at Back Free Church of Scotland, also on Lewis. Dr. Campbell was a frequent contributor to Reformation21 and Ligonier Ministry's Tabletalk magazine.



"If we would be convinced to take the medicine, we must know the severity of our disease. In this brief but theologically robust, well-written, and much-needed book, Dr. Iain Campbell powerfully exposes the darkness of our condition in a way that makes the good news of Christ shine all the brighter." - Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The church needs more books addressing the topic of sin. Therefore, I am deeply thankful for this book by Dr. Iain Campbell, which gives us a solid theological introduction to the doctrine of sin. What should be a rather depressing book actually becomes a book full of hope because the author, with keen pastoral instincts, leads us to the remedy for sin found in Christ Jesus." - Mark Jones, Minister, Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), Vancouver, Canada

"... clear and concise instruction on how to wage war with the enemy of our souls. This pocket guide will become a battle manual for any Christian desiring to yield the sword of the Spirit against the onslaughts of prevailing sin. There is no book I had rather recommend than one meant to teach believers how to daily conquer the plague of sin. This book will be a great asset to you in your daily battle." - Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries and Professor of Preaching,The Master’s Seminary, Sun Valley, California

"In the short space of this little book Iain Campbell provides a robust, biblical view of sin that all sides will find insightful and that will inevitably lead to a deeper appreciation of our Redeemer and the provisions of His gospel. A welcome introduction to a most important, too often neglected Christian doctrine."  - Fred Zaspel, Executive Editor, Books At a Glance and Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Franconia, Pennsylvania


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