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Select Works of Abraham Booth, 3 vols.

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Old Paths Gospel Press

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Volume 1 contains a memoir of the author and Booth's treatise on The Death of Legal Hope--the Life of Evangelical Obedience (Gal 2:19); and the treatise Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners.

Volume 2 contains An Essay on the Kingdom of Christ; an Apology for the Baptists which is a defense of the ordinance of believer's baptism; grounds upon which communion at the Lord's Supper is refused to Paedobaptist believers; arguments against "free communion" scriptures considered; the temper required of Christians one toward another and reflections on the distinguishing character "strict baptist."

Volume 3 includes essays on divine justice essential to the divine character; the "Amen" to social prayer illustrated and improved; pastoral cautions; commerce in the human species and the enslaving of innocent persons inimical to the laws of Moses and the gospel of Christ; the Christian triumph (funeral addresses); posthumous essays on the love of God to His chosen people; on a conduct and character formed under the influence of evangelical truth; evidence of faith in Jesus Christ.


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