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Preparing For Eternity

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Northampton Press

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Mike Gendron is a Dallas-based evangelist who was a devout Roman Catholic for 34 years. God opened his eyes to biblical truth and he has spent his life since that time showing the disparities between official Roman Catholic doctrine and the truth of God's Word. Here, over 26 chapters, the author examines the issues of ultimate authority, the efficacy of Christ's sacrifice, the role of Mary, tradition versus Scripture, the mass, purgatory, and several other key teachings. There is also a lengthy chapter where he answers questions and comments that have come to him over the years.

If you have friends or relatives who are Roman Catholics, or who may be considering joining the Roman church, this would be a good resource to help them examine themselves and the teachings of that church. Of this book John MacArthur said: "Carefully and convincingly, this helpful book demonstrates that the 'gospel' taught in Roman Catholicism is not the true gospel found in the Bible. I heartily recommend Mike Gendron's book."


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