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1 & 2 Peter Simply Explained: Living for Christ in a Pagan World - Welwyn Commentary Series (Bentley)

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The people to whom Peter wrote his first epistle were already undergoing trials of all kinds and were soon to face fierce persecution for their faith at the hands of the cruel Emperor Nero. The apostle writes to encourage and strengthen them in the face of these trials and to remind them of the wonderful blessings and privileges they have in Christ.

He has a great deal to say about relationships, both to fellow Christians and to unbelievers, in the workplace and in the home, in the local church and in society at large.

In his second epistle Peter warns his readers against another danger that has threatened believers through the ages, that of false teaching. He points them to God’s Word as their one sure light amid the darkness and confusion of error and urges them to live holy lives in the light of the Lord’s return.



Michael Bentley was the pastor of Great Hollands Free Church, Bracknell in southern England untill his retirement and is actively involved in his local community as a school governor and member of various committees.


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