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Did God Really Say?

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The church's historical belief in the truthfulness and trustworthiness of Scripture as God's written Word is being assaulted from without and from within. In this book, seven scholars from Covenant Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary confront and repel many of these attacks. Reasoning clearly, cogently, and carefully, they show that the historical doctrine of Scripture is what Scripture teaches about itself, and that this teaching can meet and defeat the ungodly intellectual schemes brought against it.

Endorsements  Did God Really Say? engages the discussion of the doctrine of scripture offering keen and relevant insight into its current issues. The ideas presented are paramount to the Church and will be of particular benefit to those seeking to defend the doctrine of scripture. - Alistair Begg

It has been said that Christians are people of the Book and Christianity exists because of the Book. The Book referred to is the Bible ­ The Word of God. God¹s Word has been attacked from the garden by Satan and our Savior¹s enemies in various ways at multiple times throughout the ages. The inerrancy and reliability of the Word of God is again under assault - not only from the outside but also from inside the professing evangelical church in extraordinarily subtle yet pernicious ways. Dr. David Garner has wonderfully given to us a volume which appropriately affirms, defends and defines the reliability and sufficiency of God¹s Word and at the same time equips the reader to not only profit from the Word of God but to also defend its priority and integrity. I invite you to every page in this book - each of which are filled to overflowing for your benefit. - Harry Reeder- Senior Pastor

Just when the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture seemed matters of agreement among conservative theologians, along comes a new day and calls everything into question again. Kudos, then, to David Garner and his panel of writers for addressing the doctrine of Scripture again. Did God Really Say clears away the rubble of contemporary error and prejudice making way for clear thinking and orthodox confession on an issue of vital importance. Nothing could be more vital for our times and we are in their debt. - Derek Thomas, Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC



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